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Last night (my last full day here) we had a bunch of Tom and Tigris' friends over for games. At peak, I think there were about 15 or 16 people here.

Unfortunately, I was very tired -- partly due to staying up very late the night before and being awoken by the dogs across the street early that morning, and partly (I think) due to allergies -- so I didn't actually learn any new games. We started off (when there weren't a whole lot of people there yet) with Smart Mouth, which zzbottom and missdimple had introduced me to and I had gotten for Tom and Tigris. Then I watched a game of Frag for a while. Frag is a board game based on first-person shooters like Quake or Doom or Ultima -- complete with cards like "System Upgrade: New Joystick" that improve your ability to turn the other players into red-ink-on-cardboard chunks. It's very silly, and it looked fun. Then I joined a game of Frank's Zoo, a card game based loosely on the food chain where the cards are animals. (Little fish are eaten by big fish, which are eaten by seals, which are eaten by polar bears, and so on. Only the wily fox can eat the prickly hedgehog, and nobody beats an orca except for two orcas.)

It was a lot of fun, and it was neat to see lots of people I'd already met, to sort of get a feeling of community and continuity to my trips here. Tigris was still up and playing games with the last few people here when I went to bed. (Tom had gone to bed, because he works today at 6:00am.)

I'm not quite sure what the plans for today are, but possibilities include an Arabian Night's Entertainment (a fundraiser for someone's medical bills) with storytelling, tea, and belly dancing, and a HawaiiPAL barbecue. Then I need to get to the airport for my 10:00pm flight. (A very civilized hour to get on a plane, although I worry what I'm going to feel like when I get back in Boston.)

Looking forward to seeing my Boston friends and community again. Not looking forward to leaving here. You know, it would make my life simpler if y'all would just up and move here all together! But some people just can't be bothered to think of others, I suppose. :-)

Tags: diary, docorion, friends, games, hawai'i, kink, sionnagh, travel

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