Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Quick househunting update

Saw a unit in Zeph’s building yesterday (Tuesday). It’s ostensibly a 1BR, but really more the size of a studio. I could live there but I don’t think I’d be happy.

Today I saw two condos. One was huge for the money they were asking, and was a 2BR, so I could get a housemate if money became tight. But it was pretty far from Quincy Center (and thus the T and Zeph).

The other one was across the street from the back entrance to Zeph’s building, and insanely close to the T. I would walk out the front door of the building, cross the street, walk down some concrete steps, walk about fifteen yards along a little sidewalk, cross the street, and go down the steps of the T station. And although it’s a 1BR, it’s a great size. As soon as I get a chance to talk to my mortgage broker and work out some numbers, I want to make an offer.

That would so rock. I’d be almost as close to Zeph as I would have been in the too-small apartment in her building.

Now I’m falling-down tired, so goodnight all!
Tags: boston, cathijosephine, house, important

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