Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Losing things (tent, camera, jack)

This post will be an opportunity for all of you to be amused at my expense. I’m always happy to be of service in this way.

As a preface, several months ago I left the Diesel to find I had a flat tire. I couldn’t find my jack, so after making a few phone calls (and attempting unsuccessfully to post to LiveJournal from my phone), I went back to the Diesel where a very nice counter staffer lent me a jack out of her pickup truck. (Yup, short-haired woman with a big pickup truck full of tools. I love the Diesel.) I changed my tire, returned the jack, and bought myself a new jack a few days later, lest I be without one again.

So, the day I was going to leave for BiCamp, I discovered I couldn’t find the big huge tent I’d bought last year. I looked all over, but I couldn’t find it. The only thing I can think is that I might have lent it to somebody. (To be fair, knowing me, it could have been leaning against the door of the bathroom for months, and I could have been climbing around it every time I needed to pee, and I still might not have been able to find it.) So, if you’re reading this and I lent you a big two-room tent some time in the last twelve or thirteen months, could you let me know?

Anyway, I bought a new one on the way out of town, spending considerably more than I intended to because I misread the price label on the shelf, so that’s all set. I'm really happy with the new tent; the only thing I don’t like about it is that the doors are circular and only have one zipper, so you have to unzip them almost all the way to get in or out, or even just stick something inside the tent. But otherwise, it’s a step up even from the huge tent I got last year.

However, since I came back from BiCamp, I haven’t been able to find my camera! Eek! One of my more prized possessions! I’ve looked through all the stuff I brought back from BiCamp (except the tent, because I remember doing a careful search of it before folding it up), and also looked through the car and in all the various places I can imagine sticking it when I got back. No camera. Much sadness.

This is a real long shot, but if you happen to have seen my camera since BiCamp (including in the car on the way back), would you let me know?

Here’s the dénoument: While I was looking in the car for my camera, I noticed a couple little panels with latches in the side of the trunk area. Thinking desperately that I might have stuck the camera in one while I was packing, I opened them. No camera, but one of them had the jack that came with the car in it. Which I had used before, and put back there.
Tags: cars, diary, humour, travel

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