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cathijosephine’s mom has been in Boston for the last week or so managing all the painting and contracting work at cathijosephine’s new condo. This means that cathijosephine has been trying to give her mom the culinary tour of Boston. This, in turn, means that I and large numbers of cathijosephine’s tribe have been eating very well lately, partly on her parents’ dime. For which I am very grateful.

Zeph’s mom has been doing a wonderful job on the condo — as has mrpet, who designed the paint scheme and is designing and building her loft bed. It’s been exciting being part of the painting crew on that project and seeing the condo coming together. And it’s in a truly fabulous location in Quincy Center, less than a block from the T station.

And there’s at least one other condo open in the building.

(Pause for effect.)

So, for a handful of reasons, but chief among them wanting to be closer to Zeph (or at least more easily T-accessible to her), I have decided that I want to move, and probably to Quincy Center, and probably to a condo rather than a house. (I kind of enjoy mowing the lawn and shovelling snow, but my schedule is such that I’m not around enough to actually do it.) Living in her building would be fabulous, but anything close to the Quincy Center T station will probably make me happy.

Anyway, I’ve talked to docorion about this (and sent sionnagh mail), and it almost certainly means we’re going to need to sell the house. I love this house, and I feel like I have a lot invested in it, emotionally and in work, but it’s not the right place for me to be right now. And it seems very likely that the right place for me to be right now is Quincy Center.

That said, is there anything about Quincy that I should know? I’ve done a smidgen of research online, and don’t see anything to suggest that it’s a hotbed of crime, corruption, racism, or voting Republican, and it’s one of the few remaining places that’s easily T-accessible that I can afford, but I’d love to hear other people’s perspectives. Also, if anybody has suggestions for lenders, real agents who serve Quincy to buy through, or real estate agents who serve Malden to sell through, I’d be happy to hear suggestions.

[Edited to add: Our tenants know about this, by the way.]
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