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What a fabulous weekend

So here’s a little more detail about the fabulous weekend I’ve just had:

On Friday (into Saturday), I had a particularly lovely date with cathijosephine. Much of it involved shopping for costume supplies — not the sort of thing you normally think of as romantic, but it was really delightful and fun and relaxed. (And I discovered that what I had thought of as a dinky little strip mall near me is actually a full-scale mall with a food court, some clothing stores I will actually shop at, and a buffet restaurant. So my options for eating near my house have just multiplied.)

When we got home, we watched a little bit of a documentary on Queen Elizabeth I, and then got delightfully distracted. That night as we were falling asleep, she said something so sweet to me that I thought my ego might just burst from overinflation, if my heart didn’t get there first. As I often say to her, I must have done some really really amazing things in previous lives to deserve this one.

The next morning, there was some more distraction before I made her pancakes and myself eggs. (Usually she makes the pancakes, or croissants, so don’t get too impressed with me for that. :-)

Then on Saturday, after I dealt with a minor problem on my Mac, we got dressed and went to the Flea (the Fetish Fair Fleamarket, which usually happens twice a year). It was a fabulous time, although I ended up spending much more money than I’d intended to. I feel OK about that. One of the cheaper things I got was a straightrazor, which I’m actually more interested in shaving with than using for anything fetishy. (Currently, I shave with one of those old-fashioned safety razors that takes an actual razor blade — how quaint! — and I’m looking forward to experimenting with going even more retro, although I don’t know how well the straight razor will work on my particular beard style. Anyway, as usual, it was an awesome opportunity to see lots of my friends in their skimpy finery. Oh, and it was also my first opportunity to wear my new kilt out.

Saturday evening,cathijosephine and I went out to dinner at Sol, the wonderful Brazilian buffet near her place, with xmelancholia, her husband, and their housemate, and thence to a fabulous and wonderful birthday party, with a spy theme. I dressed as Angus MacNasty, the super-villain whose evil plot was to detonate nuclear bombs along the border between Scotland and England so tha’ England micht sink into the sea, but I didn’t end up spending any significant amount of time in character. People liked the cartoon bombs I had made, though. It was a really excellent party, with good company. There was somebody there I hadn’t seen in ages and was delighted to see and get a kiss from, but I alas didn’t get to hang out with him much. It was really nice to get the time with xmelancholia, and especially nice to finally meet her husband, who is a sweetie.

On Sunday, I availed myself of the buffet cathijosephine and I had discovered in the mall, did a little bit of window-shopping, and then came home and did some cleaning. I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I’d hoped to, but I’m a bit less likely to trip over things in my office than I was before.

And today, I made my first trip of the summer to Canobie Lake Park, an amusement park in southern New Hampshire, with eisa and maeveenroute. We had a great time. This was only the second time I’d had an extended chance to chat with maeveenroute, who just graduated from Harvard in linguistics and is about to move to Chicago for grad school, and it was nifty to get the chance to language- and linguistics-geek with her. Afterwards, maeveenroute and I hung out with eisa’s Puppy Monster and ratatosk while eisa walked another dog. ratatosk got his undergraduate degree in linguistics from U. Chicago, so he and maeveenroute chatted about the department. It made me very nostalgic for college, and made me vaguely consider going back for grad school again. (This is something I regularly vaguely consider, but never do anything about. :-) Then we went out for ice cream with a person whose LJ name I don’t know, and I had cucumber ice cream. I can’t say I particularly recommend it, but now I know what it tastes like. On my way to the car after ice cream, I had a great phone call with my mother. When I got home, I got to chat a bit with docorion, who had a highly productive weekend around the house, and now it’s almost time for me to go to bed.
Sorry about the length — it’s been a very full weekend!
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