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I definitely should not be allowed in a used-book store without adult supervision. It’s dangerous. Highlights today are a leather-bound, gilt-edged autobiography of Havelock Ellis and a Sanskrit primer. But as a reward for my pathetic lack of resolve in the face of thousands of books, I got to spend some unexpected time with cathijosephine at the Diesel, where she came to borrow a cup of Internet.

shadesong and yendi’s visit was lovely! yendi, whom I hadn’t met in person before, is good people.

I’ve switched my journal style to one of the new ones, “A Novel Conundrum”. I really like the visually simple look, but there are some things I really don’t like about the new style. One is that it took me some tweaking to get most of the entries to be the same width, and even so, unusually short entries are narrower for some reason. (I want them to be the same width, so that the left margins line up and the userpics on my Friends page line up.) Two is that it doesn’t include my links list. Three is the fact that I can’t easily make subjects boldfaced or larger, rather than small-caps or letterspaced. Four is, um, I don’t remember what four is, but I’m sure there must be one. Anyway, the race is on to see whether I learn how to edit LiveJournal styles before I get frustrated and switch back to the old one. If the new style looks strange or broken to you, please let me know.

Also, at least docorion is interested in this post by ert about a site that combines Google Maps and the MBTA’s trip planner so you can see the next few busses (or trains) at any stop near you. You have to drag and zoom to find the part of Boston you care about, but it’s still pretty nifty. (Also, practice in that peculiar and ancient art of finding a place by looking around on a map, as opposed to typing an address in a search field, is not necessarily such a bad thing.)
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