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Sunday in Paradise

Yesterday (after catching up with email and posting to LiveJournal), I hopped in the pool for a while, because it was very hot yesterday morning. I think that was when I got mildly sunburnt, but only mildly. Tom joined me with excellent Kona coffee.

Then we went out to a local flea market, and we all got lots of tchatchkes. (Among other things, I got a big fan I'm going to hang in the living room or dining room back in Malden.) I also got lots of munchies from one of the booths. [Jay pauses at this point to run off and grab some coconut chunks.] Among the munchies were li hing pineapple. Li hing mui are dried plums covered with li hing powder, which itself is made of ground plums, salt, anise, and some other stuff. (You can get them in east Asian grocery stores in Boston, too.) They're very yummy, Tom and Tigris' vehement protestations to the contrary. But li hing powder is commonly put on all sorts of other things here -- cherries (yum!), pineapple, banana chips, vegetables, and so on. This booth had li hing everything, and I got some pineapple chunks (half of which I just had for breakfast).

Then we came back here, picked up Hamlet, and drove to the North Shore. On the way, I got to see lots of lovely scenery. In and near Kona on the Big Island, the mountain was always in one direction, and the ocean was always in the opposite direction, and the terrain and foliage (or barrenness) and climate varied a lot, but the geography was simple. Near Honolulu, there are a couple of mountain ranges and valleys and things like that, so often you have mountains on two or three sides of you. So although O'ahu is a smaller island than the Big Island, it doesn't have quite as overwhelming a sense of "you're on an island with water all around you" sense -- the ocean is always nearby, but you might not be able to see it because of the mountains. On the Big Island, if the ocean is not in front of you, you can always just turn around. We ended up at a nice beach and had a walk along the sand. I got some pictures of Hamlet and Tom and Tigris (which may or may not come out well, 'cause it was too bright for me to see the screen on the camera) and some pictures of patterns in the sand and Hamlets pawprints (which probably will come out nicely).

We came back home, and then went out to a fabulous Egyptian restaurant called The Pyramids (808/737-2900). The food was excellent; I had the best Kibbe there I've ever had. The belly dancer was also great (and quite cute), but alas we got there just as she was finishing up for the night. Despite all the many wonderful things to do in Honolulu, I think I might want to persuade Tigris and Tom to go back there with me again.

Then we came back here and played a game of Ra. Between the filling meal and the jet lag (six hours' difference), I was pretty wiped out by then, so I went to bed. And speaking of jet lag, this morning, of my own volition and with no prompting, I got up at 6:30. Those of you who know me will recognize this as one of the signs of the Apocalypse prophesied in the book of Revelations.

This afternoon we're meeting a friend of Tom's and Tigris' from Pali Paths and her daughter at a water park. Not sure what we'll do tonight.

Having a wonderful time, and wishing my Boston peoples could be here!

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