Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Death at Ruggles [EDIT: Maybe not; news reports say he's being treated.]

As I was walking through Ruggles Station to get a Jamaican patty this morning (just a few minutes ago), there was a huge crowd of firefighters, and a few cops and EMTs. I saw that a large cluster of passengers was gathered in a clump between the turnstiles and the escalators, and the escalators were roped off. I asked the vendor if she knew what was going on, and she said that a young guy had jumped onto the tracks and been electrocuted. (Fortunately not hit by a train — that’s really rough on the conductors.)

Just after that, they wheeled the (presumed) body out of the elevator on a stretcher. They had an oxygen mask on him, but there was no sense of urgency, so I’m pretty sure they thought he was dead. *Sigh*.

There were at least 20 firefighters there. I imagine Orange Line service will be delayed for a while.

[Edit: This article says he’s “being treated for serious burns”, so evidently he didn’t die. Hope he recovers.]
Tags: boston, diary, important

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