Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

California with cathijosephine

My trip to California with cathijosephine was lots of fun for me, and I think it was useful for her, although she didn’t get everything out of it that she had hoped. (She did see her doctor, but he was understandably reluctant to do very much, since she’s here and he’s there.) I enjoyed meeting her family, and they seemed to be on very good behaviour with me around (as a “human shield”). I enjoyed their company, and they took me to see the gorgeous, gorgeous mountains of the western edge of the Mojave Desert. (Her family lives in a very rural inland part of Los Angeles County.) Wow, that is beautiful country! I got to see lots of Joshua trees and a pine forest. And cathijosephine and her family fed me very, very well, in ways that I don’t feel I can speak to my cardiologist about.

I hadn’t realized quite how rural the setting she grew up in was. I knew her family had pigs and chickens growing up, but lots of people in Kona keep chickens, and a few keep larger animals, while still living on a city street near other houses. There are a couple houses on her parents’ lot, and some trailers and sheds, and other than that it’s mostly desert and fields out to the horizon, with mountains just beyond it. Really gorgeous. (Yes, I know I overuse that word.)

Anyway, while cathijosephine thinks I was doing her a favour by letting her fly me to California, I had a fine time and I was really, really glad I was able to go with her.

On the plane, we got to read a lot (Terry Pratchett for her and Patrick O’Brian for me) and watch some Eddie Izzard, and cathijosephine gave me a refresher crocheting lesson (of which I’ll probably need a few more before I get it down).

And it was really nice to see harlequinaide; he picked us up at the airport and we had lunch with him before he handed us off to cathijosephine’s mom, and it was good to hear his stories. Many thanks to him! It was a good way to start the trip.
Tags: cathijosephine, diary, family, important, travel

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