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Last few days / next week / Kala

Well, the last few days have been good. Any weekend that involves seeing lots of cathijosephine and some of faerieschylde, and a couple nice car trips, is all right in my book. Oh, it also involved some early-70s electric-organ music. :-)

I'm about to take off for Ithaca, for a conference for work. I'll drive there today, be at the conference for two days, and drive back on Thursday.

Then early Friday morning, cathijosephine and I will be flying to California so she can see (as she puts it) her brain doctor. We'll get to see harlequinaide for a bit, and I'll meet her parents.

Any week that involves two long car trips and two plane flights is all right in my book. Alas, cathijosephine isn't as thrilled with the plane idea as I am, but hey, that's part of why I'm going with her.

On another topic, I just wanted to mention how nice it's been having Kala around. (As I've mentioned earlier, she's renting our spare room while she works on a project.) She's been in intense-work mode, so we haven't really been socializing much, but it's very comforting to know she's working away in her room, and to see her smiling face in the kitchen.

OK, must leave now if I want to get to Ithaca in time for registration...
Tags: allterrainbrain, cathijosephine, diary, important

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