Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Oh, grump! (Weekend report, but I lost it the first time)

“The application Xjournal has unexpectedly quit.” That’s what I got two-thirds of the way through composing my report on the weekend, and I’m just about out of steam, so this version is going to be much shorter.

(Bummer; Xjournal makes lots of LJ-specific HTML a lot easier.)

Date with cathijosephine that snowballed into a yummy dinner with docorion, mud_puppy, xmelancholia, and zzbottom. Chicken and veggie kebabs — I always love cathijosephine’s culinary experiments!
Got up insanely early (5:15 — Don, try not to laugh too hard) to go set up the Poly Boston table at the Pride rally. docorion made coffee and cathijosephine made croissants and they are both saints. Oh, and zzbottom came after work (he works nights) to help us set up the canopy before going home; he’s a saint too. Got fitted for a Utilikilt, which I’ve wanted for a while. Went to brunch. Marched and had a lovely time despite the insane, brass-melting, tar-boiling heat. Hung out afterwards. Went home and pretty much collapsed. Oh, props to ghoti72, who played bass in a band at the rally. I didn’t get to see her (even on the big monitor; the crowds were too dense), but I heard her. Yay!
Sunday was mostly about recovering and trying not to bake. In pursuit thereof, docorion and I got air conditioners. Mine is in the guest room now, where it serves Kala (who’s renting from us for a month) and my office (which is adjacent). I figure I don’t really need one in my bedroom, since when I’m there I’m pretty much always in bed, and if you turn it down the waterbed keeps me cool as well as it keeps me warm in winter. But I spend a lot of time in the office.
(And Monday was a highly productive day for docorion, involving lawn mowing, legal hazardous-waste disposal, and all sorts of other energetic things.)

Now I am a moſt ſleepy wabbit, and it is time for bed. Yes, I know it’s three hours before my normal bedtime, but this weather takes a lot out of one.

Tags: cathijosephine, diary, docorion, house, poly, queer

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