Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Very quick summary, past few days

I really should be updating the Poly Boston flyer for Pride, but I’m too tired right now, so I’m just going to say a few sentences about the past few days.

Have spent a lot of time excavating our guest room (and I really do mean excavating!) in preparation for Kala renting it, and feel really good about that. It had been a junk room basically since we bought the house, and now it's actually usable. Yay!

I wanted to help a friend move on Saturday, but didn’t end up having time. It sounds like I would have been superfluous, though. That’s the nice thing about some poly relationships. Not only do all of your sweeties show up to help you move, but a fair fraction of their sweeties do as well. :-)

On Sunday I had a lovely date with Zeph. If I had the energy right now to do it justice I would, but I’ll just point at her description. How can you go wrong with yummy barbecue, cute guinea pig, classic film noir, and cute and yummy Zeph?

Work has been going well. Working on deploying new backup software we just bought.

Went to the gym today at lunch, and after work went to pick up Kala from the bus stations (after some emergency errands I had to run, since I discovered this morning that my left shoe is falling apart, and I anticipate a fair amount of walking in my near future). It’s fabulous to see her. (This is very much work/hermit time for her, but I'm sure it’ll still be wonderful to have her around.)

And now, it is time for a quick cooling shower and to collapse into bed. (Funny how New England seems to have gone directly from winter into summer with no intervening spring. Not that I’m complaining; by late May I was starting to get tired of winter. :-)
Tags: cathijosephine, diary, work

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