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My flights 
1st-Jun-2003 10:21 am
Me: swimming at the Ledges

My flights were astonishingly uneventful. This was the first time since 9/11 that I never had my carry-on bag searched by hand, not even at the security checkpoint. (And the only two previous times when I wasn't pulled out of line getting on the aircraft and re-searched by hand were when there weren't any security screeners on duty.) Interestingly, they also didn't have people show ID when getting on the plane, just when going through security. I think things are finally starting to get a bit more realistic. I have to say, I was pleased when I got my boarding pass and it didn't have the "special security screening" indication on it.

The Boston-LA leg was quite nice. The plane wasn’t too full, and I had an empty seat next to me (so I could swing up the armrest). And the weather was spectacular for most of the flight, and it was all in daylight, so I got to ogle the Midwestern farms and small towns and the gorgeous Southwestern mountains and countryside. And I listened to a lot of good music.

The LA-Honolulu flight was a bit more crowded, but I was seated right by a bulkhead, so I had a lot of leg room, and there were some sweet kids seated with me. (They were part of a large family of maybe six or ten travelling together.) And there was a very cute and very mellow, calm, quiet baby seated diagonally in front of me! Tragically, her parents seemed to want to keep her.

In addition to listening to music, I read a couple of Russian short stories on the planes: “The Cave” by Zamyatin (who wrote We, on which 1984 is almost certainly partly based), and “The Stationmaster” by Pushkin. That felt good; it’s been years since I read much Russian beyond the occasional headline. I was reading them in an edition with a facing-page translation and a glossary; otherwise I certainly couldn’t have managed it without a dictionary. Even so, it was fairly slow (especially the Zamyatin; he’s extremely descriptive and extremely elliptical), but that’s the beauty of a long plane flight. The Zamyatin was depressing but good; the Pushkin was mock-depressing and very amusing, as Pushkin often is. (Pushkin reminds me a bit of Saki, although much more understated.)

By the way, if there are extraneous h’es strewn through this posting, that's because Tigris’ keyboard types an h if you so much as blow on the h key. :-)

16th-Jun-2003 10:35 am (UTC)
I know this probably seems like aeons ago now, but I'm going back to read your trip journal notes so I figured I'd comment anyhow.

I'm glad to hear that airport security is less harrassive, or at least was less so for you this time. Good! What airline are you flying? I'm also curious what rates you're seeing now for the flight if you're willing to share that info. I'd like to go again sometime as soon as I can afford it.. Glad to hear the flights went well - not too painful and so forth.
18th-Jun-2003 07:38 pm (UTC)
I flew American, because I had enough frequent-flyer miles to fly free. In September I will probably start racking up more. :-) (Possibly on a different airline.) The previous time I flew, it was about $600 RT, but that was many moons ago.
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