Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Wonderful evening (and leftovers this morning)

I’ve been having lots of fun that I’ve been too busy to post about, but I had to pop in here to mention an especially fabulous date with cathijosephine last night. In my experience, her culinary experiments almost always turn out very well. Last night’s involved wrapping various savory and sweet things — Italian sausage, mushrooms, finely-chopped Parmesan cheese, amazing roasted garlic, cottage cheese, and honey, if I’m not forgetting anything — in phyllo dough and baking them, which we did for most of the evening, whilst nibbling on edamame (and occasionally each other, of course) and drinking dirty gin martinis in cathijosephine’s new martini glasses. Oh, my, the food was so good! And we had lots of leftovers — both ingredients and completed pastries — so this morning we breakfasted on the sweet ones and cathijosephine added an egg to the sausage and mushrooms and made me something that was sort of like stir-fry (because she only had one egg, and there was a lot of sausage and mushrooms); it was really yummy. And we both took more pastries for lunch today.

The rest of the night was spectacular, too. And we slept really well.

Also, I’m giving myself a reminder to myself to post about my friends Jackie and Sandy from Illinois at some point.
Tags: cathijosephine, diary, food

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