Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Cities and Knights, this Sunday at 6, chez moi

Hi! If I can get enough people together, I’d like to play Cities and Knights of Catan at my house (location negotiable) this Sunday at 6:00pm. Anybody interested and free? I would anticipate there being a take-out order sometime early on. I realize most people have long-weekend plans already, but I thought it was worth a shot and I haven’t played C&K in a long time. Please comment here or email me if you’re interested and you can make it.

In other news, Tuesday was a disappointing day at work, Tuesday night was lovely (as Tuesday nights always are), Wednesday was a great day at work in which we discovered that the tragedy of Tuesday was illusory and all was right and birds were singing sweetly in the warm sunlight, and tonight I'm about to leave work to go dancing, so all is right with the Universe.
Tags: games

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