Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Weird dream — Calvin in Nazi Germany

I just woke up out of the weirdest dream I’ve had in a while. Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes, is on a bus in Nazi Germany, and ends up liberating Germany.

Almost always, I or somebody like me is the protagonist in my dreams. I might be in a different body, I might be a different age, I might have been born in Ancient Rome, I might even just be watching the dream and not participating myself, but the person whose point of view the dream is from is me. Not this time. This was a dream about mild-mannered Calvin and his superhero secret identity. In Nazi Germany.

The dream starts photorealistic, with Calvin sitting next to a woman waiting for the bus somewhere in Germany. (The dream was set in Germany, but in the dream Germany was under foreign occupation by the Nazis, as though it were Denmark or Austria or something. Also, in the dream, there was a distinction between Communist-Nazi East Germany and Capitalist-Nazi West Germany, although they’re part of the same country.) The woman is crying, because she has to wear her little Nazi pin to avoid getting in trouble, and she hates the Nazi occupation. She explains to Calvin about the Nazis and how evil they are. In the dream, this is pretty early in the Nazi ascendancy, before most of WWII and the Holocaust.

Then she and Calvin are on the bus, and the dream gets more cartoony — it starts to be told in black-and-white panels rather than lifelike moving images. Calvin realizes that the reason everybody has to obey the Nazis is becase of all of the tanks the Nazis have everywhere. Tanks which shoot noisy, bright laser beams. (One of them is, in some bizarre fashion or another, on the bus.) So Calvin turns into his superhero secret identity (Stupendous Man, I guess, although it wasn’t spelled out in the dream — something with a cape, anyway) and flies around deflecting the laser beams back at the tanks and demonstrating that the Nazi tanks are useless in the face of Stupendous Man. In a few panels, the Nazis have given up, all over Germany. Calvin talks to the tank driver in the first tank (the one that was on the bus), and asks him where he’s from. Turns out he’s from (Nazi-occupied) East Germany, and he laments the Communist government as well as the Nazi occupation. The dream ends with a cartoon panel showing the bus with a banner across it that says in Fraktur, “Freie1 Deutschland — Gegen Nazismus, Gegen Bolschewismus!”, and Germany is free.

I have to say, that’s probably the weirdest dream I’ve had in months. I guess that’s what I get for brooding about politics before going to bed.
1 (That’s the wrong form for the adjective, isn’t it? It’s been a very long time since I had German. Feel free to correct my subconscious.)
Tags: dreams, politics

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