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Tired weekend update

Very tired, so this is going to be short:

Friday/Saturday: Lovely date with lovely cathijosephine; had garlic, pesto, and black-olive pizza, watched Eddie Izzard, shared stuffed French toast for breakfast at the Brazilian place near her apartment.

Saturday: Walked eisa’s Puppy Monster, since she’s away for the weekend. Came home and got ready for shadesong’s party with her and docorion. Party happened. Was awesome. Lots of nice people I didn't know, and some I did. *Waves*. Went to bed a bit early.

Sunday: Woke up to discover party was still going on. Some of our guests had gone out and bought waffles, eggs and bacon for breakfast! Rock on! As docorion said later, they can come back. Yup, we have more food (and more beer) in the house than we had when the party started. Those of us who were still here had breakfast and watched Hard Rock Zombies. Oh, wait! docorion told us he’d kill us if we told anybody he’d watched any portion of that movie, so, uh, never mind; forget I mentioned it.

More Sunday: My friend Wayne came by and we went to see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Really enjoyed it. Alan Rickman was perfect as the voice of Marvin. It was slightly odd seeing so many of the characters played by Americans, but Arthur was English, and Adams had said he was the only character who really needed to be. Then Wayne and I had dinner at Wang’s on Broadway (very good Chinese food), and I went over to walk Puppy Monster again. Now I am home, and despite the fact that it’s not even 11pm yet, I am exhausted, and I think I’m actually going to go to sleep. Go me!

Oh, and it looks like Kala will be visiting in a couple weeks. Yay!
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