Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Ouch (and happiness)

So I went to the gym last night, and lifted weights for the first time in a long time.

This morning it becomes clear that I did something unhappy to my elbow. (It feels like it’s where a muscle is anchored to the humerus just above my elbow, rather than the joint itself.)

Since it seems happiest when my arm is fully extended, work (which involves typing all day) is going to be amusing.

In more pleasant news, the last few days were delightful. The dance on Thursday was insanely crowded, but lots of fun. Got to meet corivax, who is here visiting eisa; they came to the dance.

Friday was the monthly fourth-Friday Poly Boston Diesel gathering, after which I got to go have artichokes and barbecue with pixel, eisa, and corivax.

Saturday I drove the delightful cathijosephine up to faerieschylde’s in New Hampshire for a wonderful picnic, which ended up being inside due to weather but was still delightful. We had a nice conversation in the car. Saturday night I slept considerably more than usual, which was really marvelous. Then Sunday I picked up cathijosephine who got a nice little nap in the sun in the car on the way down. (This was the first time the sun had made an appearance all weekend; clearly, it came out specifically to give her a pool to sleep in. Sensible sun.) I also scored a couple of faerieschylde’s yummy, yummy butterscotch cookies.

Sore arms or not, life is awfully good to me these days. (And actually, aside from that minor detail, the workout felt really really good last night.)
Tags: cathijosephine, diary

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