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Fabulous weekend

Another fabulous weekend! (And, thanks to the lovely Commonwealth of Massachusetts, it’s not quite done yet.)

My delicious date with cathijosephine started with yummy, yummy food at Crispy Crêpes Café. If the only nice thing cathijosephine had ever done for me was introducing me to that place, I’d still have a very warm spot in my heart for her. I had the French Dip Crêpe, which is tender marinated beef chunks, caramelized onions, and brie (which goes very well with beef), and we shared a ricotta and apricot dessert crêpe.

Then she took me to the Super 88 Market on Comm Ave [listed at that link as 1 Brighton Ave. in Allston], which particular location I hadn’t been to. Her original plan was to get me a sake set so I could have warm sake before bed. (I had forgotten that docorion and sionnagh had actually given me a sake set some time ago. Where it is I’m not quite sure, but when I find it I’ll have two. I think I was misremembering it as a tea set.) Anyway, we left with a sake set, and two big bags of other stuff. The only thing she got was a box of Men’s Pocky. I love that place. I think I’m going to be doing a lot of shopping there in the future.

Also, the one on Comm Ave has a great food court, which struck me as an excellent place for a poly munch at some point.

Then we came back here and watched lots of Eddie Izzard, during some of which I did some cleaning in my office (since that particular DVD we could only watch on my computer in there).

(By the way, it became clear during those videos that I’ve been mispronouncing Izzard; the stress is on the second syllable. Y’all should point and laugh when I mispronounce things; otherwise, how am I ever going to get scared to open my mouth?)

(Since my parents and my sister read this journal, here’s where the camera pans to some little irrelevant piece of décor for a slow dissolve. It was wonderful.)

On Sunday, we had plans to go to the Bi Brunch at Doyle’s Café in JP, but cathijosephine was hungry when she woke up, so she decided to make French toast. A breakfast of kisses delayed her enough in that endeavour that by the time the French toast was ready, it was time for us to hurry off to brunch. She had a piece or two as we were heading out, and I had the remainder this morning.

The brunch was nice, if surprisingly small for one of the more popular venues. There were two people besides me, cathijosephine, and dustriderma, who came and joined us. After brunch, we went for a nice walk in the Arboretum, towards the end of which we accidentally lost the other two people. The weather was incredibly gorgeous! As cathijosephine said in the car when she noticed a bank’s temperature display, “83 degrees! It’s like winning the lottery!”

Then dustriderma took off on his bike, and I dropped cathijosephine off to meet him for dinner, and I hurried home for a quick (and necessary) shower before an excellent birthday dinner for an excellent birthday girl.

Last night I slept something like ten hours! And the previous night I had slept at least nine (I hadn’t been paying attention to the time). I feel fabulous!

Today I puttered around trying to help docorion get his office wired for net, but that project is on hold probably until next weekend. Have had lots of good time and conversations with him. And tonight I have fun plans involving Books and People and Socializing.

I’m so very happy! I have a good life.

In other news, I’m going to be messing with my journal style some more; do not expect it to be stable for the next week or so. There are some things that are broken about the current S1 style that are bugging me (links not always being clickable being the most annoying one), so I’m going to switch back to S2 and hopefully figure out how to do some of the things in S2 that are so easy in S1. I wish O’Reilly had an S2 book.
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