Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Quick weekend update

What a fun, busy weekend!

Friday: Hanging out at the Diesel, followed by watching Finding Neverland with bbbsg, chillguru, cathijosephine, and dustriderma. Loved the movie, and the company.

Saturday: Three games of Cities and Knights with magid, queue, and surrealestate (with G. who no longer has an LJ hanging out with us). It was marvellous. If I’m remembering correctly, surrealestate won all three games; I know she won two of them, and I think I’d have remembered if she didn’t win all three of them, since it’s such a rare event.

Sunday: Yummy brunch, involving enjoying the company of a bunch of people I knew and making the acquaintance of a bunch of nifty people I didn’t know, followed by going over to zzbottom’s to welcome him home from auctioneering school and get one of his shiny new business cards.
Tags: arts, diary, games

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