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A couple of months ago, I bought a large hard drive to put my music on. (This is all music that I legitimately own, by the way — a little of it is stuff I downloaded from pay sites or from artists who make their stuff available for free, but the vast majority is oggs I've converted from my own CDs, 'cause it's a lot more convenient to listen to them that way — I can listen on my iPAQ on the way to the T, for instance.)

Anyway, just a couple days after I moved all my music to it, it died. Horribly. And of course, I didn't have any backups, because (1) the files were so large, and (2) they weren't irreplaceable; I could re-rip from CD. Let us say I have learned that that was a mistake. :-) Yes, I can re-rip the music from CD, but it sure takes a long time.

The process of systematically going through (a major chunk of) my music collection in a fairly short period of time has been kind of interesting. Of course, I don't actually listen to everything as I rip it, but I listen to some of it, especially the stuff I haven't heard in a while. Usually I just don't think to have music on when I'm on the computer, but of course lately I've been constantly reminded, so I've had a pretty constant sound track lately, which is nice. I need to remember how much good music affects my mood.

As I mention, I've gotten through the stuff I'd already converted, but I was on a roll, so I'm continuing with stuff I didn't have on disk (as opposed to disc) yet. Much of that is CDs of my father's that I took after he died, and much of that I haven't actually listened to yet, so it's a good opportunity to get exposed to new music. It's almost all jazz, with some (Western) classical. He had about twelve shelf-feet of classical, and that was 5% of his CDs. The other 95% was jazz. I only took a fraction of it, but I tried to get a representative sample.

(LiveJournal is great for boring people with random trivia, isn't it? :-)

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