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Wonderful trip last weekend: Part I (travel, music, and conversation)

Wow, it’s been a week and I’m just now starting to write up my trip to my sister’s wedding reception last weekend with cathijosephine. I must have been busy this week.

I picked her up around noon on Friday, and we stopped by chillguru and bbbsg to exchange beads and trinkets before we got on the road, which was nice. I think it was about 1:30 or 2:00 by the time we got on the highway. There was a particular moment of great shmoopiness as cathijosephine was dozing in the car. She was napping in the sun in the passenger seat (something she’d been looking forward to about this trip), and I was driving around trying to get back to the entrance to the Mass Pike, which I had overshot, and I had my hand on her leg. (Maybe my next car should be an automatic.) At one point, she shifted a bit in her sleep — or doze; I’m not sure she was completely asleep — and I looked at her. I gave her leg a gentle squeeze, and her eyes didn’t open, but she smiled and her face warmed up in a way that just made me feel really connected and appreciated; it felt like even in her sleep she knew I was there and was glad of it. It’s hard to describe, but it felt really good.

The weather was beautiful for driving — bright and sunny and clear, and warm as soon as we got out of New England. The traffic in Connecticut was terrible, but we weren’t in a hurry. Besides napping, cathijosephine explored some of the music on my MP3 player, starting with Simon and Garfunkel. Through the miracle of the Latin alphabet, she then discovered Fred Small, one of my favourite singer-songwriters, and I was glad that she really liked him. (Although, as she said, a lot of his music is hard to listen to — a lot of it is about very hard or big topics. Denmark 1943, for instance, always makes me cry.) We also listened to some Solas. Maybe next trip we’ll finish the Ses and check out some of the Ds.

We stopped at a motel in Maryland (I think; or maybe it was Delaware) and had a lovely and restful night. We took off around 11 the next day, I think, and cathijosephine slept through most of Virginia, missing all the snow. That’s right; there was only patchy snow left on the ground in Boston when we left, but a huge stretch of Virginia was completely white. The snow wasn’t deep, mind you, just an inch or so, but it was fresh and ubiquitous. The trees looked like they could have been out of a “Welcome to Maine” postcard. I overheard some locals at a rest stop boggling over it.

We made it to the hotel where the wedding and reception were in almost perfect time, about ten or fifteen minutes before the reception started, so tune in next time for the next exciting episode!
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