Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

By the way (LJ geekery)

By the way, somehow last night all my LJ journal customization got deleted — my journal was set to a different style, and when I set it back the custom colours and other configuration had all been lost. Did that happen to anybody else, by any chance? (I’m sure I wasn’t anywhere near the customization page before that happened.)

Edit: Correction. At least for my colours, the customizations weren’t lost; they just don’t seem to be being applied. I’ve said to make all the text black, but it’s still grey.

Edit edit: I’ve managed to get things working again. What I did (and I don’t know which of these bits were necessary) was go to the Customize Journal page at, change my style from Component to Generator, change my language from Danish (which it had peculiarly become set to when I changed the style) to English, change the style back to Component, click "Remove Customizations", and then click "Customize" and make all my changes again.
Tags: lj, tech

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