Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Groggy update (food and other delectations)

Had a lovely impromptu date with cathijosephine last night. I needed to run an errand (selling my South Park DVDs to somebody I found on craigslist) in Kenmore Square, so I let her know I was going to be around in case she wanted to get together. She invited me over for dinner, as she’s decided she wants to do a bit more cooking at home and a bit less going out, and we had yummy marinated portabella burgers with stir-fried snow peas on them. Then she had me make a yummy dessert she thought up while she did laundry. I forget quite all the details, but it involved cooking thinly sliced apples, lots of wine, milk (which turned into something vaguely like cottage cheese on contact with the wine, but it worked!), honey, cloves, lots of ginger, um, a couple other spices I think — oh, nutmeg! — and dumplings on top. It was so good! I am posting about it here partly so I will remember it the next time I’m feeling adventurous.

Also, not last night but a couple weeks ago (just before I left for Hawai’i), we made three discoveries. One, and this was part of an actual experiment we conducted, is that Trustex vanilla-flavoured condoms taste icky. (The mint is not too bad, though. Hey, anybody remember Kiss of Mint? Are they still around? They were pretty good.) That same experiment taught us something else quite by accident, though, which is that when vanilla-flavoured lube lands in one’s eye it is fairly innocuous. And the third discovery was entirely cathijosephine’s, as she made pancakes for dinner (which ended up being the middle in a series of three meals in a row for her which consisted of pancakes): She noticed that raw pancake batter smells like semen. “Fascinating, Captain.” I wonder if it’s the same chemicals that give it that smell. I’ll never think of pancake batter quite the same way again.

Tonight after work I tried to go clothes-shopping for my sister’s and her husband’s wedding reception, but it was a failed endeavour. All I want is a white turtleneck. You wouldn’t think that would be so hard to find, but everyplace I went to assured me that since the days have just barely started to get a little longer, that was a ridiculous thing for anybody to even consider buying and of course they didn’t stock them. So I may have to wear Speedos or a mesh athletic shirt or something, since obviously it’s spring. :-)

After that disaster, which at least did score me a copy of Joy of Cooking to replace the copy I seem to have lost, I went over to surrealestate’s to hang out and play a game. We ended up playing Carcassonne, and it was lovely to see her. [Edit: I also picked up a gift I’d commissioned her to make which I am very very pleased with. Can’t share details quite yet. :-) Also had some yummy homemade peanut-butter cups she had made — wow! And I got to see M. who I don’t think has a LiveJournal account, and listen to some experimental noise. surrealestate, am I missing anything else major?]

Now, for some reason, I am really tired (despite sleeping long and well last night), so although I really should be packing and printing up directions and stuff like that, I’m just going to take the shortest shower I can manage and collapse into bed. Tomorrow I have to pick up my suit (you know, the one that would go perfectly with a white turtleneck? That one) and clean out the car and print directions and pick up the most wonderful cathijosephine I can imagine and it’s off to see my wonderful family and see whether my sister and her delightful new husband actually managed to get any sleep the night before their wedding.

You know, I have a very good life.
Tags: arts, cathijosephine, family, food, sex

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