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(1) celebrating with my sister, (2) need to borrow clothes, (3) disposing of car, (4) beer

(1) Some of you may remember the psychodrama about me not feeling like I could go to my sister’s wedding. Well, that particular limitation on my part was only about the legal wedding, and I was very disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to celebrate with her and worried that she might feel like I wasn’t happy for her. Thanks to the persistence of my wonderful mother in clearing up misunderstandings, I am very happy to say that I am going to her reception on March 5! And she’s happy about that too! And I get to see my parents and my sister’s fiancé husband, too! And she’s feeding me prime rib! What could be more awesome?

I’ll tell you exactly what could be more awesome: If cathijosephine were coming with me. Which she is. I am so happy she’s going to get to meet my family, and happy about getting to spend this trip with her! For a number of reasons, not least the fact that (completely unlike me) she really doesn’t like travelling, I was a bit surprised that she was interested in the trip, but she was. Yay! I am so looking forward to the weekend!

Which leads me to (2): I need to come up with something appropriate to wear with a wedding reception. The last time I had a job interview was a very long time ago, and those clothes don’t fit me any more. Anybody out there approximately my size and willing to lend me a jacket and slacks? I could go buy some, but money is kind of tight for me right now and time is going to be pretty tight too between now and the trip, and given how often I use this sort of thing borrowing might make more sense.

(3) In other good news, the nice scrap dealer is going to come haul away the dead car on Monday. Yay! No more carefully backing-and-forthing to squeeze in between it and our tenant’s car!

(4) And for those of you who drink beer, I have a couple recommendations: One is Flying Horse, an Indian lager I had last night at Namaskar. The other one is Don de Dieu, an ale made by a Québécois microbrewery called Unibroue. Flying Horse is tastier; Don de Dieu is stronger. I am currently drinking Don de Dieu, which means that if I make any more posts tonight they probably won’t make sense.
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