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Very quick updates

(1) Luna moths! Two in the house. Pretty.

(2) Monarch butterflies! These flocked through my home town in Illinois each year when I was growing up. Now I know where they spent the winter.

(3) I just came back from a talk by “Doctor” Masaru Emoto. We thought it was going to be about quantum physics. Instead, it turned out to be considerably less coherent than a Dr. Bronner's soap label (PDFs), except delivered mostly in Japanese, with a translator, and with the speaker’s wife filling in when (as often happened) the translator had trouble. As I told sionnagh and her friend, afterwards I wanted to open my skull, find all the parts of my brain that had any of that lecture in them, scoop them out into a blender, fill the blender with gasoline, light the gasoline on fire, turn on the blender, and bleach the the inside of my skull and any remaining brain there.

(4) Remind me to post pictures of the Robot Garbage Truck of Doom!

(5) Lovely day at White Plains beach. Remind me to post pictures of the Hawai‘ian Monk Seal basking on the beach with a large cordoned-off area around it.

(6) One very minor disadvantage of travelling to a tropical paradise as a very short-haired person is sunburn on the scalp. (Not bad at all, just slightly amusing.)

(7) Sleep now.
Tags: animals, hawai'i, humour, science, travel

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