Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Dinner at Sol / not bowling / pictures of Schnapps

So last night’s Poly Boston dinner at Sol, the Brazilian barbeque buffet in Kenmore Square, was lots of fun and well-attended. I think there were about ten people there, maybe more, including one person for whom it was their first Poly Boston event and one for whom it was their second. The food was yummy, and the company was lots of fun. Especially the green company. (One of us had turned green, but it had nothing to do with envy, nor with the food.)

I had been thinking of going out to Western Mass for the bowling trip, but I decided yesterday or thereabouts that my life between now and when I leave for Hawai’i on the 10th is way too full. So of course I puttered around and procrastinated most of today instead of getting ready for my trip. :-)

This morning, though, I went over to visit Bearpaw (a friend and former housemate who lives nearby) and Schnapps. Schnapps was sionnagh’s cat when she first moved in with me (and Bearpaw). But by the time the household separated, Schnapps had bonded strongly with Bearpaw and (especially) his partner Lisa, and sionnagh and docorion and I had a dog that Schnapps did not get along with, so Schnapps stayed with Bearpaw and Lisa.

Schnapps has had serious kidney failure for several months now (it was diagnosed last summer), and is probably near the end of her days. She’s lost a lot of her vision and (I think probably) her hearing. But she’s still energetic enough to climb up on my lap, and seems content to curl up by the window in the sun.

I put some pictures of her in my photo gallery. (Also, if you scroll down to the bottom, there are a few pictures from Ottawa Pride back in 1995. See, I told you I’d been procrastinating.)
Tags: animals, cathijosephine, food, my personal history, photos, poly, sionnagh

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