Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

docorion PSA, and belated birthday wishes

First of all, it is my understanding that docorion will be at the Diesel tonight.

Second of all, I’m sorry that general chaos lately (but good chaos until yesterday’s plumbing disaster) prevented me from wishing ponderingpetal and spwebdesign happy birthday in a timely fashion.

And thirdly, the plumbers just left (after spending quite a while here) and WE HAVE WORKING SINKS AGAIN! They also found a very badly corroded pipe that will need to be replaced very soon, but which fortunately just feeds our outside faucets and can be temporarily isolated until we get around to that, and made some useful suggestions that might decrease the frequency with which the pilot light blows out. So it was a very useful day. Now (having decided that there wasn’t going to be enough of me for work today) I need to do some more snow clearing and car adjustment and then maybe take a nap to make up for being up late yesterday dealing with the remainder of the plumbing problems which happened after I posted last night.

Tags: birthdays, docorion, house

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