Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Happy birthday ratatosk (and plumbing news)

Happy birthday to a nifty ratatosk! Hope it’s fun and fabulous!

In other news, since I last posted last night, another pipe has burst (well, “burst” is maybe the wrong word; the ice pressure forced apart a weld, so the pipe just came apart in segments). Fun. After much franticness (during which of course I turned off the water to the whole house) I managed to find a valve which almost shuts off off the water to that pipe, so it’s had a bucket under it all night. (That valve also shuts off water to the toilet. Fortunately, we have a bucket conveniently nearby – underneath the sink – so we can still flush.)

I will be very happy when the plumber arrives.

On the bright side, our second-floor tenants’ kitchen pipes were frozen all day yesterday, and appear to have thawed without major incident. This means that their extremely friendly and enthusiastic dog will not have to demonstrate how very very much she loves the plumber.
Tags: birthdays, house

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