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Quick 'wabbit update

(1) Had a fabulous extended long weekend, much of it spent with cathijosephine. Yay!

(2) Yes, I'll be at Arisia. Haven't figured out yet what panels I'll be attending. I have a room at the hotel (through Saturday night). If you want to get in touch with me, my mobile phone (SMS or voice) is a good choice. This friends-locked post has my contact info. (For reference, it's also linked from my userinfo page.) You can expect me to be somewhat groggy Friday night, since I have to get up way early Friday morning to meet plumbers. :-)

(3) I'm visiting docorion and sionnagh in Hawai'i from the 10th through the 18th of February.

(4) I'm having a hard time finding time to read my whole LJ friends list these days, so I'm not reading everyone on my (ostensible) Default View regularly. Apologies if I miss stuff you wanted me to see.
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