Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Lovely weekend so far

I’ve had a lovely weekend so far. Had dinner with cathijosephine at the Brazilian barbeque buffet near her (which we noticed would be a great place for a Poly Boston dinner, since people could arrive at any time and get their food and pay separately, and it’s got a good amount of space and has never been crowded when I’ve been there), and then we went to her place and watched Shrek 3D, which we were both quite surprised to find was only sixteen minutes long, and then as much of Arsenic and Old Lace as her flaky DVD player would let us. And then we found other entertainment.

This morning her friend C. came over and brought us pancake mix and the three of us hung out and had pancakes and chatted, and then went to the MFA. We all got in free because I have a dual membership (lets me bring a guest for free) and C.’s a BU student. Then we had an early dinner at Addis Red Sea. I had lamb lega tibs, yum! We followed that with ice cream at a new pizza and ice cream place across the street called PICCO (for Pizza and Ice Cream Company). The specials they had on the board made us all wish we weren’t already full, and I think we’re definitely going back for dinner sometime.

Truly a delightful weekend so far, and I have a fun Sunday to look forward to, too!
Tags: arts, cathijosephine, diary, food

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