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Doors Open Lowell

Friday night and Saturday I attended Doors Open Lowell, which missdimple helped organize. It was really fun and interesting, and now I have a page full of pictures from it (with a bit of narrative as well). After spending a huge chunk of the day annotating and organizing pictures, I'm too tired to write much about the event here, but I've got a fair bit on the pictures page, and there's more on the event's home page. I will mention that there were a couple things I really would have liked to get pictures of but didn't: the interior of a gatehouse that regulates the water level of the Merrimack canal (although I got lots of pictures of the exterior), and the Franco-American school (a Catholic school run by the same order of nuns since the early 20th century), which was huge and maze-like and full of interesting architectural oddities. Whee! It was a delightful weekend and exactly my sort of thing, and it was all the better because I got to tag along with missdimple some and help out, so it felt like I had an insider's perspective as well as getting to do all the fun stuff. OK, must excavate bed now so can sleep.

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