Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

Great evening!

Had a great evening. cathijosephine was organizing a trip to see The Nutcracker, and dinner at Jacob Wirth beforehand. I wasn’t feeling like I could afford the ballet, but I joined the group for dinner, which was yummy. (I had the sauerbraten. I definitely want to go back and try some of the other yummy-looking things on the menu sometime.) But it turned out that one person who’d gotten a ticket wasn’t able to go to the ballet, so I ended up joining cathijosephine, A., and J. for that. It was the first time I’d seen The Nutcracker — or any ballet, for that matter — and I had a great time. As I said afterwards, it was interesting to hear all this music that I’m very familiar with in the context it was written for. I’d love to see a more traditional ballet sometime. (I mentioned that it was even less representational and plot-driven than I was expecting; cathijosephine said that most ballets are more so, but you can get away with a lot when most of the ballet is a dream sequence. :-)

Anyway, wonderful evening with wonderful company. And now to bed.
Tags: arts, cathijosephine, diary, food

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