Beowabbit (beowabbit) wrote,

How nifty lifecollage is

I’ve known lifecollage for quite a while, and thought she was nifty from the first. When I met her she was still in library school. (I forget whether I knew her through mizarchivist, vice versa, or I met them independently.) I’ve totally got a thing for librarians and libraries; I revere books and knowledge, and I admire the people whose vocation it is to preserve books and knowledge for generations to come, and to disseminate them to people now. But that’s sort of a tangent.

Anyway, lifecollage has always been somebody who struck me as an adult in all the right ways – in a way that docorion and missdimple are, for instance, but I am not so much – while still being deeply connected with her capacity for fun. She strikes me as a person who will Know What to Do in any situation. She’s the sort of person you want in charge of any project you care about. She’s smart, interesting, charming, fun, cute, and simultaneously sweet as honey and tough as nails. She says what she thinks and what she thinks is worth paying attention to. I don’t see as much of her as I used to, alas, but I am glad when I do, and I’m glad that so much of what she’s busy with makes her happy and fulfilled. She’s good people.
Tags: ego meme, memes

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