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Excellent (full) weekend

Had a fabulous if slightly hectic weekend. It started with a trip to see X2 with zzbottom and missdimple. (They were trying to organize a group expotition, but it ended up being just the three of us.) The hectic part was that the theatre we were planning on seeing it at was sold out, so we ended up going out to Revere, and since I didn't have my car with me I had to take the T to meet them in Somerville and get a ride, and we ended up having to turn movie food into dinner. But the movie was a lot of fun and the company was excellent, of course.

Then yesterday treacle_well met me at the MFA for a free documentary on queer culture and the impact of colonialism in Hawai'i, Ke Kulana He Māhū. It was really interesting. It did romanticise Hawai'ian precolonial history quite a bit, and I would have liked a bit more historical depth and detail, but overall it was great. About a third of it was about the ‘māhū’1, and about Hawai'ian culture up until a couple generations go, about a third of it was about modern urban queer culture (especially drag queens and kings) in Hawai'i, and about a third of it was about the gay marriage issue and the amendment struggle2. It was very nicely tied together, with themes and motifs running through the whole thing, and the cinematography was great.

And then last night and this morning I went to a great party with some friends in the suburbs. They always throw a good party, and this was no exception. The food and company was excellent, and I got to spend lots of time with their kids (and some other kids who were visiting last night). That was great, because I've been feeling somewhat baby-deprived lately. :-) And I saw the Disney version of Winnie the Pooh for the first time. I really love the Winnie the Pooh books, but I'd never seen any of the Disney stuff. It wasn't Milne by any means, but it wasn't bad — showed a reasonable amount of respect for the original.

And after I got home, today, among other things, I spent some time getting my inbox down under a thousand messages. What an accomplishment!

1Māhū were the Hawai'ian analogue of the North American two-spirits, somewhere in the middle on the gender spectrum. Nowadays it's also used loosely for GLBT people in the Western mould.
2The Hawai'ian Supreme Court ruled that it was a violation of Hawai'i’s guarantee of equal protection under the law to grant marriage licenses only to mixed-sex couples. A divisive battle followed to amend the state constitution (and circumvent the court decision) followed, and unfortunately the pro-amendment camp won. There was some division among the pro-equal-marriage camp about the heavy influence of mainland queer organizations on the running of the campaign, resulting in a message that didn't resonate very well with the generally very tolerant people of Hawai'i.

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